Saturday, April 28, 2012

1st Birthday Invitations

The first pin I recreated was for an invitation to my daughter's first birthday! I found Pinterest to be such a FUN place to get lots of inspiring birthday party ideas and I just loved the  idea of my daughter 'speaking' to her guests through her invitation photo!
Here was my inspiration:

The pin was actually for an Esty Chalkboard Photo Prop by Morgann Hill/braggingbags and not necessairly for birthday invitations.

Instead of purchasing the chalkboard photo prop, I took a picture frame that I wasn't using and painted the glass with chalkboard paint that I had left over after painting daughter's bedroom wall (this paint is around $10 at Home Depot so if you don't already have it you could just buy the chalkboard prop if you wanted).
At 11 months old, my sweet little girl happily sat for me and held onto the sign (I did have it propped up a bit but she still held onto it anyway!). I then uploaded the photo to a Photo Card Invitation from, added details about her party, and purchased matching envelopes to mail the invitations.
One month later, after her 1st birthday party, I thought I'd use this same sign to send out Thank You cards. Great idea until I realized the sweet little girl who happily sat for me a month ago had turned into a toddler! LOL!
Not as cooperative this time but nothing a sucker can't cure! Got the shot and created the cards once again through!

I definitely give this TWO THUMBS UP!

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