Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Florabella Collections Giveaway!

Florabella Collections is giving 5 lucky winners the new Florabella Color Matte Actions & Design Kit! I love the odds of that!! I would absolutly love to win this new set. I have plently of future birthday invitations, facebook timelines, albums and many more things I could create with this kit! :)

I could win one and so could you! ;) Here's the link to the giveaway:

Crave Photography Giveaway!

I've always loved photography and even had an SLR before they were digital!! BUT I never learned how to properlly use the camera - I was 'always on the green' (auto). Learning my camera, taking beautifuly composed pictures and editing in photoshop were always on my bucket list of things to do. I was just too busy crossing off other list items that I never dedicated the time to learn these...until my daughter was born.

The birth of my daughter inspired me to finally take the time to focus on developing my photography skills. I have a LONG ways to go to be as good as some of the photographers I admire but its such a fun hobby. I love that it is a constant challenge and I'm always learning new things to try.

Facebook has introduced me to many talented photographers! Crave Photography is probably my favorite photographer to follow - her images are breathtaking and her edits are so beautiful. She captures deep, rich tones in a lot of her work or will go the opposite with an image that is light, creamy, and sun-drenched!! Just beautiful!

Crave Photogrophy is doing an amazing giveaway, which is worldwide so the odds of me winning this fantastic 2 day in person private workshop are slim but I just HAVE to try, right? :) The key to winning is entering so here is my blog post on this amazing giveaway!

Here's the link for your own chance to win: